As it is a natural material, wood reacts to changes in ambient conditions.
An r.a.h. (relative air humidity) of 40% to 60% represents an ideal environment for timber floors.
In winter, artificial room heating tends to make the flooring shrink, which can lead to splitting.
Use special humidifiers to prevent the air in the rooms becoming too dry.
Hygrometers and thermometers should also be used to keep an eye on room conditions.
Caring for a pre-finished parquet involves just a few simple rules.
Use a broom or vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning, and stains should be removed with a damp cloth.
Only ever use the recommended cleaners, NEVER ammonia-based products.
Room temperature should be kept at 18-22°, with a relative humidity of 45-60%; this environment is the key to your parquet’s long life and good condition.
We also recommend the use of an air humidifier.
Wear is an inevitable characteristic of a living material such as wood but, over time, it actually contributes to the floor’s beauty by creating a ‘lived in’ feel.
Accidental damage can be avoided by sticking felt pads onto the base of chair legs and any other furniture that is often moved around.
Areas which are most frequently walked over, such as doorways and hallways, can be protected with rugs; flower and plant pots should be provided with suitable bases to prevent water spilling out of them.
The use of quality finishing materials and suitable care products will help to keep the parquet looking good over a long lifetime.



Antico Asolo floors can be laid using the glued or floating method.

Please download Wood Flooring Laying sheet for more information.